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COMMENT | A rant on the state of our economy

COMMENT | My wife and I are a very romantic couple that does many things together. One of those things is going to buy groceries every week. Our local supermarket is just a two-minute drive away and we make it like a date. We chat and update each other about our lives and joke around and laugh. It really is a good time!

However, recently, it hasn’t been so good and it is all thanks to the feeling we get once we cross the cashier counter. My wallet suddenly feels so much lighter than when we entered the supermarket. How this is so can be quite confusing as nothing physical leaves the wallet. It really is just a tap of a card and the sound of a beep.

I have weighed my wallet before. I would do it before going to the supermarket and then one more time after I have left. The actual weight remains the same. But the feeling in our hearts seems much more hollow and empty. It is as if...

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