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COMMENT | A cruel way to rob Orang Asli children of their future

Disclaimer: To protect the innocent, the names of individuals and NGOs have not been published.

COMMENT | Sadly, the harassment of the villagers at Pos Woh has resumed.

The Little Napoleons in the Department of Orang Asli Development (Jakoa), aided by the police’s Special Branch (Tapah division), cannot resist making life a misery for the residents of this hamlet.

In Malaysia, when officials get to work, all that matters to them is face. Their reputation matters. They forget that their job is to do the right thing for the people whom they are supposed to serve. Consequently, they get upset with strangers who get on with the job of helping others and succeeding at it.

On July 7, 2022, around 11am, it was alleged that two 4WDs arrived at the Dewan in Pos Woh, a hamlet of around 300 residents deep in the forests outside Tapah.

Seven people - six men and one woman - rushed out of their vehicles, stood outside the building and waited. One villager who saw them said, “Mereka macam marah-marah.” (They looked angry.)

The officials had probably hoped to...

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