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COMMENT | Sikhs in Mat Kilau film based on historical facts?

COMMENT | The recently released blockbuster Malay film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan produced by Studio Kembara opens with a disclaimer that “the characters and events in the film are fictional”.  

On the contrary and shockingly, Abdul Rahman Mt Dali, the managing director and producer of Studio Kembara reportedly stated that 60 percent of the film’s storyline revolves around true stories.

He reiterated that the negative portrayal of the Sikh military police is based on “irrefutable historical facts”. 

Further, as reported in the local press, he seems to give the impression that the British strike force against the Malay chiefs and warriors who revolted during the Pahang Uprising 1891−95 consisted entirely of Sikhs: “I don’t want to put Malay or British soldiers (in those scenes). That would be a historical deception.” 

Over the last week, I have watched the film thrice to ensure...

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