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COMMENT | Whom would you trust to run the country?
COMMENT | Ten thousand miles away in the United Kingdom, the country may soon see Rishi Sunak as the first British prime minister of Indian ethnicity. In 2021, Kamala Harris, who is of Indian and Jamaican heritage, became America's first Asian American vice-president.

Back in Malaysia, and 64 years after Merdeka, we still argue about the Malays being downtrodden, and the people responsible for retarding the progress of the Malays are, unsurprisingly, the non-Malays.

Whilst other nations have done the metaphorical equivalent of sending men to the moon, we appear to be frozen in time.

Malay politicians create demons out of the non-Malays, discriminate against local Malaysian-born Chinese, and then, in the next breath, welcome the Chinese from the People's Republic of China, with open arms.

There is active discrimination against local, Malaysian-born Indians, but we treat the arrival of the Indian fugitive, Zakir Naik, like he was a head of state or monarch...

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