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COMMENT | Tajuddin of Pasir Salak, it’s not funny anymore!

COMMENT | Perhaps Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) should attempt a stand-up at the Crackhouse Comedy Club as he seems to think that he is good at cracking jokes. But I’m not sure anyone will be laughing. I know I won’t.

The trouble with Tajuddin (above) is that he is unaware that some of his so-called jokes are not funny at all. Instead, they hurt the feelings of others. Or he is just good at pretending his crude words were made in jest when it was a deliberate affront at another person.

We have witnessed via the videos of Tajuddin’s antics in Parliament how he probably thought that he was joking when he opened his mouth to snipe at others. What happened later? He was left to laugh alone at his own “jokes”.

Even outside Parliament, his behaviour is the same. Remember...

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