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BOOK REVIEW | Dark horizons over Malaysia

BOOK REVIEW | Lim Teck Ghee and Murray Hunter have written a new book ‘Dark Forces Changing Malaysia’ (SIRD, 2022), which in this collection of 34 essays, the authors mince no words in examining a protracted crisis that has long bedevilled Malaysia - its twin problems of race and religion.

The authors will be no strangers to readers. Both have been sharp and hard-hitting social critics.

Teck Ghee, who was my colleague at University Sains Malaysia, had an illustrious academic career, including as professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Universiti Malaya. He later served at the World Bank and as policy adviser to the UN.

Co-author Murray is a well-known entrepreneur, researcher and writer, who has lived for decades in Malaysia.

The book leads with Teck Ghee’s...

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