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COMMENT | Generational End Game another tool of the fascist state

“So we are actually not talking about children, we are talking about people who are 18 years old who can vote and in the Constitution, certain freedoms are guaranteed, that is they have the right to make a choice on smoking.”

- Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (BN-Padang Rengas)

COMMENT | You may be a smoker who will not be affected by this bill. You may oppose smoking and think this bill is a great idea.

However, let me be very clear, this fascist bill will have a deleterious effect on civil liberties and civil rights in this county. A country that is already failing on both issues.

National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) president Dr M Murallitharan, said something really stupid. He said, “By not voting for the bill, you are the one who is promoting our next generation to become addicts.”

Really? So anyone who does not support the death penalty for drug smugglers is supporting drug smuggling?

He delivered his memorandum to two members of a race-based party, Umno. Does this mean the good doctor supports race-based parties and discriminatory public policies?

Here is a bill designed by an older generation for an upcoming generation which would face environmental, economic, social, racial, and religious problems created and sustained by the generation before them.

And the best our current MPs can come up with is...

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