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COMMENT | Troll farm link is the least of the police's malfeasance

"The police are not here to create disorder; they're here to preserve disorder."

- Richard J Daley

COMMENT | Well, of course, the police are going to deny any links with pro-government troll farms. Police secretary Noorsiah Mohd Saaduddin said the police viewed the allegations by Meta seriously, and of course, they were going to gather more information.

Of course, anyone shocked that Meta is a breeding ground for troll farms and that Meta is serious about curbing the spread of disinformation should get their heads checked.

In 2016, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, in an interview with Sinar Harian, said this about the government at the time.

“(Bagaimanapun) jangan memandang rendah kepada kerajaan kerana mereka ada kuasa, ada televisyen, radio, duit dan media. Mereka juga ada alat-alat risikan dan sebagainya. Media dia lebih tahu pada kita. Dia tahu kita belum tahu lagi. Sama ada dengan kekuasaan itu, parti yang berkuasa akan kalah saya tidak tahu.” (Whatever happens, don't look down on the government as they have power, television, radio, money and the media. They also have the intelligence apparatus. They know more than us. They know we don't know. With all that power, I have no idea if the ruling party will lose).

Abdul Hamid Bador, in retelling his appointment as special branch head by the old maverick, when the old maverick returned to power, said: “He faced many problems because he did not know ‘who was a friend and who was a foe’ and that may jeopardise any plan to establish the dynamic government that he wanted”

Keep in mind that it was Abdul Hamid who made allegations against Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin regarding the “our boy” recording and...

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