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COMMENT | LCS fiasco: Even our nation’s security is pawned

COMMENT | Malaysians will only be surprised if there is a lull in breaking news about scams or scandals, and I am not talking about the Macau, Nigerian or love scams, but by those in authority governing the country.

The latest scandal to “hit” (not literally speaking) our shores is the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) scandal. The biggest defence purchase, which cost RM9 billion for six ships, RM6 billion paid out, but not one ship in sight even after the end of the 10 years contract period.

For any independent nation, national defence, security, and sovereignty are paramount to protect its existence, integrity, and the safety of its citizens. That’s why every Malaysian vow to spill their blood for our beloved nation.

Yes, we proudly sing our national anthem every day, “Negara-ku ...Tanah tumpahnya darahku…”. But to our corrupt leaders, even our nation’s security can be abused for their pecuniary interests without spilling any blood.

However, I should salute our defence forces and front-liners who are risking their lives every day to defend our country against foreign threats despite the handicaps thrown along their way.

The navy, especially, has been mired in multiple scandals for over three decades, from the New Generation Patrol Vessels, the Scorpene Submarines, and now the LCS. The navy claims 61 percent of naval assets are operating beyond their expected service life...

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