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COMMENT | Najib’s shameless, mischievous last-ditch effort to absolve himself from blame over the SRC International case is but a thinly veiled attempt to appeal to the public gallery and to rally around his supporters - who seem to have diminished visibly - to his cause, whatever that might be now.

But the nation’s interest is served only if the courts and the established legal system eventually determine Najib’s fate without being pressured by any extraneous factors.

That is the rule of law which preserves justice and accountability in any civilised society and no one - least of all Najib - should be permitted any exemption from it.

To do so would be to submit to anarchy and lawlessness and tear the fabric of social cohesion and order to bring about the destruction of the nation and its institutions. According to the law, Najib’s fate rests with the Federal Court and nothing must be allowed to challenge or change that in any way whatsoever.

The Federal Court will surely rule according to the law. They have no reason to do so otherwise. And the decision of that court must be the final one to determine whether Najib is guilty or not on these charges, once and for all.

It cannot be decided by vows made and carried live at any place of worship, it cannot be decided on by some people saying that he did not get a fair trial, it cannot be decided by Najib saying the course of the decision would have been changed if...

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