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COMMENT | Anwar and Rafizi must be on same page

COMMENT | Supporters of Pakatan Harapan should have one key concern at the moment. I share their worry as the 15th general election looms.

Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli, the PKR president and his deputy, do not seem to be on the same page. This is the public perception, at least. And rightly so, Harapan supporters are not happy about it.

Since the PKR general assembly where Rafizi won the deputy president’s post, Anwar has not commented with a nod of approval for any of Rafizi’s public statements.

The party president did not even give his deputy a pat on the back for his (Rafizi’s) expose of the littoral combat ships (LCS) scandal.

Rafizi has earned much public approval for taking on the main culprits head-on behind the scandal. I feel that a word of encouragement from the president to his deputy is in order.

Rafizi must have put a lot of effort into it, although he said it was a hobby of his to investigate the LCS scandal.

“I am not the type to pick issues solely for...

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