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COMMENT | Rosmah’s fairy tale didn’t have happy ending

COMMENT | To the rest of the world, the self-styled, former First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) Rosmah Mansor lived an almost fairy-tale existence.

She left her humble beginnings in Negeri Sembilan to acquire excessive wealth and fame, which most people can only dream about.

She dined with heads of state, partied with European royals, holidayed with Arab princes and invited Hollywood stars to Sri Perdana.

Jewellery stores and famous department stores made special provisions to cater to her every need as a highly prized repeat luxury-goods shopper.

Her personal intervention eclipsed the role of many government ministers. During the Arab Spring uprising, she put then foreign minister Anifah Aman to shame when she boasted that her close ties with the Saudi royals enabled her to arrange a safe passage home for Malaysian students stranded in Egypt.

However, all good things must come to an end...

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