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COMMENT | 16 tough questions for Selangor MB
COMMENT | Has Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari become too arrogant? His state government has been trying to chop down part of the Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve.

When criticised, he responded, "Brother, pass me your address because I want to sue you for accusing me of taking money from developers."

This sounds like a taikor (big brother) trying to intimidate people into silence. Dear MB, if you want to talk tough, can you handle some equally tough questions?

1. Very suspicious?

This is the second big forest dispute under your leadership. Last year, it was the secretive attempt to destroy the Kuala Langat forest reserve.

In 2019, your state exco member Hee Loy Sian (who handles environmental issues) promised that forest reserves in Selangor would only be developed for public utilities such as electricity pylons and highways.

But last year, it was revealed that your government wanted to hand over the Kuala Langat land, first to a company linked to state royalty, and then to another company linked to a former Johor Umno Youth leader.

Dear MB, don’t you think all this looks very...

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