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COMMENT | Get a grip, Najib! A cold shower is no hardship

COMMENT | Emotional blackmail always works among some Malaysians. When convicted felon Najib Abdul Razak failed to convince the judges and the general public that he should not be sent to jail, Najib's propaganda team went into overdrive.

The main weapon in their toolbox was the use of emotional blackmail. It usually works with gullible Umno-Baru Malays.

First, at a rally in Pekan, his son, Mohd Nizar Najib, described him as the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia.

Then they tried to paint the picture that Najib was seriously ill. They denied giving him special privileges and that he was being treated like any other prisoner in Kajang. Was this meant to pull at our heartstrings?

A source told Utusan Malaysia about one of Najib's health conditions. He said, "He has allergies that can cause him to stop breathing in his sleep, so a machine is needed to help him breathe while sleeping."

Was this source trying to impress gullible Malaysians

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