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COMMENT | Let's talk about school toilets

COMMENT | Morning stomachaches used to be a common occurrence when I was growing up, especially during school days. Naturally, I avoided big meals during breakfast and recess time. Having to visit the school toilet with a bad stomach wasn’t something I was keen on.

Having successfully avoided the school toilet for most of my primary school years, one day during Standard Six, it happened. It was Children’s Day celebration at my school, and I had a little too much greasy food. I tried holding it in as long as I could but ended up squatting in a dark cubicle with no water, no toilet paper, and no door locks. 

Most memories of my school toilets aren’t nice, and I assumed that they would be better for my children. Unfortunately, I assumed wrong.

My children’s experience with their school toilets isn’t so much different than mine. While I had a strong dislike for mine, they hated theirs.

Some reasons for this hatred are...

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