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MP SPEAKS | Aspirations of those who call Malaysia their home
MP SPEAKS | As I reflect on this Malaysia Day weekend, most probably my last Malaysia Day as an MP, my thoughts to go a number of people I have come across who have different hopes and aspirations for their lives and the lives of their loved ones in this country they - want to - call home.

They have different stories and come from different backgrounds and are facing different challenges in their respective lives. The one thing which unites them is their desire for a better future for themselves and their families in this land.

But this can only happen if we have more humane, more responsive, and more progressive government policies to address each of their unique challenges.

I want to share their individual stories so you can catch a glimpse into their lives and what can be done to help each of them achieve their own “Malaysian Dream”.

Names are pseudonyms unless otherwise stated.

Dental officer

Dr Jasmine Yip is a dental specialist who used to serve in a health clinic, or “klinik kesihatan”, in Bangi, Selangor. She married a Taiwanese national while she was studying and undergoing her dental training at the Taipei Medical University.

Her daughter was born in Taiwan in 2017. Since then, she has been trying, unsuccessfully, to apply for Malaysian citizenship for her daughter.

She returned home to Malaysia and was serving as a Dental Officer with the Ministry of Health (MOH). During this time, she was also busy taking care of her daughter who has eczema and applying to the Ministry of Home Affairs for her daughter’s citizenship.

And she was so close. We suspect she was one of the 33 successful applicants that were highlighted in the parliamentary reply to the MP from Sekijang, my colleague Natrah Ismail.

And she was even asked to pay RM30 by the National Registration Department (NRD) for her daughter’s birth certificate...

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