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MP SPEAKS | What is govt trying to prove in holding GE15 this year?

MP SPEAKS | It’s a shame if Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has to finally succumb to pressure from Umno.

I will say this again - an election this year signals a desperate Umno and court cluster leaders who want to manipulate the system to not be found guilty.

We need to end politicking and focus solely on mitigating the monsoon floods. But no one is interested in this. Instead, they are interested in staying in power and ensuring one escapes the clutches of the law.

As the Klang MP, I saw unspeakable devastation last December. Many Umno leaders saw it too. Despite that, if greed for power and not ending up in jail are more important than the plight of the rakyat, we need to show them who we are by voting them out.

It’s ludicrous that the country is under the control of a bunch of people who are scared of ending up behind bars for their criminal acts. Is the rakyat to yet again lose out to these unscrupulous leaders?

Fixing a date for the general election next year will mitigate the almost free fall of the ringgit and a sliding economy. The government doesn’t have to hold polls this year to prove anything. So, don’t use it as an excuse because we are no fools.

If we care about our well-being and want leaders who do the same, we must vote Umno out in the next GE. This would also ensure the court cluster faces the music.

If Umno is elected to power that would spell further doom.


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