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COMMENT | Youth vote will be determining factor in GE15
COMMENT | So I’ve made it my mission to try and convince as many of those between the ages of 18 and 21 to go out and vote this coming general election.

I have access. So it shouldn’t be too difficult. I teach at several universities and, being a journalism and media lecturer, politics fits nicely in the course syllabus.

But, to make it clear, I don’t campaign for any particular party. I just tell them the importance of voting and democracy.

I mean, journalism is the fourth estate when it comes to democracy, right? Repeat after me - it’s the executive, legislative, judiciary, and media. Clever students!

Of course, I constantly stress that they, being the youth, have more at stake when it comes to how the country progresses in the future as compared to the older generation.

They just have so many more years of being around while the older folks...

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