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COMMENT | The politics of fear: Tawfik's close call

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COMMENT | You know Umno-Baru/BN is in deep trouble with simple things like a proposer for a prospective candidate going AWOL, and last week's Astro's TV channel racist broadcast.

In some places, nomination day had a carnival-like atmosphere, but behind the scenes, the Umno-Baru candidates are gripped by fear. Fear is definitely in the air.

For the 15th general election (GE15), the prospect of losing his seat (for the Umno-Baru candidate) is not an option.

He needs to win for his party to survive. Umno-Baru politicians have managed to cling on to power in these six decades, not because of good governance, sound economic policies politics, or good policies. They survived because they are good at promoting fear and loathing - by spreading the politics of fear.

Losing in GE15 is not just about losing a seat, a loss of face, or being denied a chance to represent the constituents.

For Umno-Baru candidates, losing means...

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