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COMMENT | A blue wave in GE15? All eyes on the hot seats - Part 3

COMMENT | The 15th general election has evolved into one of the most competitive elections in history. Three main coalitions are going all out to win, including a ramping up of hate speech to stoke social divisions on the part of Perikatan Nasional’s PM candidate, former premier Muhyiddin Yassin.

The campaign has not addressed the policies in the various manifestos and has been focused largely on personalities and different framings of the recent past and present. Nevertheless, the campaign has been dynamic, one in which the coalition’s political fortunes have changed and remain changing, even in the last few hours before voting.

Here at the end of this three-part ‘Blue Wave’ series – (apologies) delayed due to fieldwork on the ground – I lay out the different hot areas in GE15 and why they are...

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