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COMMENT | Looking ahead: Rethinking stability in GE15

COMMENT | Throughout GE15, the mantra of both BN and PN has been stability, as they call on their voters to support them.

As the campaign reaches the final hours, it is worth reflecting on stability, the sources of instability in Malaysia and, importantly, what will strengthen the country as it moves forward.

Umno/BN: Lacking stability

Sadly, refusing to reform itself, and putting a leader (Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) tainted with corruption charges as its de facto prime ministerial candidate, Umno/BN has done the coalition no favours in this election.

Instead of rebranding, as it tried to do in Malacca and Johor with elected success (led in that effort by the currently side-lined Mohamad Hasan), the party has relied on...

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