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COMMENT | PAS and GE15 - beyond the doom and gloom
COMMENT | PAS is now the biggest party in Parliament. You might be feeling extremely anxious about this. Some might even be practically in a panic.

That’s very understandable.

I think the best way to get a full picture of what is now happening in Malaysian politics is for those who are feeling this way to take some time to imagine and contextualise:

This is how many, many Malaysians felt in the aftermath of GE14 in 2018. Back then, DAP was the biggest party in government and the second biggest party in Parliament.

Many, many Malaysians felt extremely anxious about that. Some were even practically in a panic.

Partisan politics tends to blind us and twist and turn our principles into pretzels.

If we step outside of our entrenched partisan views, however, we might be able to see that...

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