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COMMENT | Who’s best to lead in wake of GE15?

COMMENT | The nation is on tenterhooks. The race to form government is a cliffhanger. Who will lead the nation is now critical. The onus of deciding the nation's future ironically rests on the leaders themselves who the rakyat elected three days ago.

Stability and economic concerns are high on the agenda and in this regard, a ‘unity government’ involving Pakatan Harapan, BN, GPS and possibly Warisan seems the best option.

The previous PN/BN government had an oversized cabinet that was hardly impressive. The nation can't afford to experiment with politicians who have no conviction that economic success is pivotal to the nation's future.

A Harapan-led team will have better leaders and present the balanced, moderate, and progressive face of Malaysia the world is familiar with, until perhaps more recent times. The rise of racial and religious extremes is foreboding to many locals and foreigners alike.

What are some key criteria in evaluating the contenders? Here are three...

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