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COMMENT | Puteri Umno chief speaks volumes about party's lack of talent

COMMENT | One striking thing about Puteri Umno, as they glide in and out of the conference hall at the party’s general assembly, is that they remind us of a flock of flamingos.

The other striking thing is that once they open their mouths to speak, all doubt about them being intellectually challenged is removed.

In her policy speech at the general assembly, Puteri Umno chief Zahida Zarik Khan said that the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, was like the legendary Malay hero, Hang Tuah, who was sorely missed only after he was gone.

She expressed sadness that Najib had been the victim of character assassination and that his detractors wanted to weaken Umno.

Zahida described the disgraced former PM as...

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