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COMMENT | Just a translation - or a new Constitution? Part 2
COMMENT | There is a debate taking place as to the effect of Article 160B and a Malay translation of the Constitution. There is the risk of this discussion becoming one of pride and nationalism. My hope is that it does not.

We have every reason to be proud of our national language. But this discussion concerns the Constitution, the founding document of this nation.

It may be helpful to see how India has dealt with the situation. India has more than a billion people and its Constitution recognizes 22 regional languages. Most of its people do not understand English.

India became independent on Aug 15, 1947. The country undertook the task of drafting its own Constitution. BR Ambedkar was one of the great minds involved in the drafting process.

The Indian Constitution is reputed to be the longest Constitution in the world. In drafting it, India borrowed features from the constitutions of many countries including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, and South Africa...

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