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COMMENT | Citizenship rules amendments: Could women now be equal to men?

COMMENT | It’s funny how blatantly sexist or discriminatory people can actually be and still feel comfortable and right about it.

For example, take how the Malaysian government for decades before this felt like it was totally okay for children born outside Malaysia whose fathers are Malaysians to be automatically granted citizenship while those whose mothers are Malaysians (and fathers aren’t) are not.

I don’t believe any valid reasons were ever given aside from them just saying that it doesn’t actually mean that gaining citizenship is impossible. These people just have a different procedure to follow (which are multiple steps more complicated, by the way, and doesn’t guarantee citizenship).

With no explanation as to why there is a difference between a father and a mother, doesn’t it reek of discrimination?

An amendment to this law (Part III of the Federal Constitution) has long been pushed and advocated by civil society and even politicians. But all of the administrations that have been in power have not done it.

The most recent was...

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