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COMMENT | Lee Zii Jia must work on his mental strength

COMMENT | When an athlete has a meltdown, it would be most unkind for outsiders to rub it further into the person. If we have nothing good to say about him or her publicly, it’s best that we keep our mouths shut.

With that in mind, let me attempt to encourage one athlete whom I believe many of us would want to see do well in his career, moving forward.

Lee Zii Jia (above) is in such a delicate and difficult situation today. He is in a place where he needs help badly but the thing is he isn’t sure what he needs. Even if he does, it is uncertain whether he is getting the right kind of assistance.

Our national top singles shuttler has been going through a rough patch for the past few months.

To size up Lee fairly and at this low point of his career, let me give him some pluses due to him.

At 24, I can describe Lee as a disciplined and...

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