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COMMENT | GE15 voting analysis - Part 4: The Chinese Pole
COMMENT | At 28 percent of the electorate, comprising 4.9 million voters in Peninsular Malaysia, Chinese Malaysians are the second-largest community

Due to the mixed composition of seats and a history of living across Malaysia (including in rural areas), their influence in determining the outcome of seats extends well beyond the handful of urban Chinese-majority seats

Arguably, given the intensity of political competition, Chinese Malaysians, minimally, determine the outcome in over a third of Peninsular Malaysia

This article, the fourth in the series, discusses the level, variation and electoral impact of the high Chinese support (or the lack thereof) for different coalitions in GE15

Higher Chinese electoral support modestly boosted the performance of Pakatan Harapan (DAP in particular). The high level of Chinese support underscored the success of the coalition electorally...

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