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COMMENT | Molested at Women’s March and victim-shaming
COMMENT | On March 12, I posted a thread on Twitter narrating my sexual assault ordeal where I was molested on the street along Masjid Jamek after participating in the Women’s March event.

I wanted to tell my own story, in my own words on Twitter, but what seems like a harmless tweet of my molestation experience, has been blown out of proportion. And it is all for the very wrong reason because of the photo attached to my tweet.

The conservative Malaysians on Twitter went berserk because, in the photo, amidst the crowd, I was holding a rainbow flag during the Women’s March event. As a result, I received a creeping level of hate from the public who made horrible and dangerous comments and threats.

With over 3.5 million views, the tweet then became public knowledge with the photo being used and over-shared on various other social media platforms...

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