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COMMENT | GE15 voting analysis - Part 5: Sarawak electoral swing
COMMENT | There is a myth that politics in Sarawak is staid, unchanging. Implicit in this perspective is a mistaken view that Sarawakians are not agents of their political future in elections, are easily manipulated by money, not willing to change their political loyalties, or make the best decisions for their futures.

There remains a lack of understanding of and appreciation for the vibrancy and dynamism of politics in Borneo and the quiet confidence of Sarawakians.

Part 5 of my ethnic voting series focuses on Sarawak in GE15. Building on my earlier analysis of Sarawak voting, this study analyses polling station results of GE14, GE15, and the Dec 2021 Sarawak polls.

This close look at voting behaviour shows that Sarawakians are actively engaged in politics and that ethnic patterns of support are changing.

As with voting patterns found in Peninsular Malaysia, multiple ethnic communities changed their electoral support in GE15. In fact, contrary to the myth, Sarawak is a politically swinging place.

Sarawak’s national importance

Let me preface the analysis with some gentle reminders about Sarawak and Sabah’s role nationally. Given the intense competition and polarisation of Malaysian politics nationally...

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