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COMMENT | Will Johor Islamic Religious Dept be investigated?

“As a Muslim, I am not proud of this. For me, Islam is about being fair. And it’s not fair if one of the parents changes the religion of their child without the other parent’s permission. Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you.”

- Said in March 2022 by former law minister now ambassador Nazri Abdul Aziz.

COMMENT | While most people are jubilant that former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak lost his review at the Federal Court, many like-minded people were observing the escalation by the forces of the religious fascist in this country.

The allegations made by activist Arun Dorasamy against the Johor Islamic Religious Department are another example of how non-Muslims are slowly, inevitably having their rights eroded by the proxies of the deep Islamic state.

In 2014 when the case of S Deepa first saw light, Nazri said this of the police's “mistaken assumption” for not retrieving the kidnapped child - “It is a civil law marriage, it is the civil court, we must respect the civil court’s ruling. They have the jurisdiction. The High Court judge’s ruling was correct. The police shouldn’t allow him to get away with kidnapping the child.”... 

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