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ADUN SPEAKS | Unity convention: Right step in rebuilding Malaysia
ADUN SPEAKS | Former minister Annuar Musa is “cursing” Umno for being irrelevant after the party’s home ground of World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL) held the historic Unity Government Convention.

Annuar was expelled by Umno in December last year, for making the party suffer disrepute.

He was not there in WTCKL on Sunday, obviously imagining Umno’s doomsday as that is what he wants to see.

But, as a participant in the convention on Sunday, I walked out of the WTCKL full of hope and optimism for Malaysia, not just for the political parties in the unity government.

As a DAP member who campaigned and voted against the BN lynchpin party since 2008, in the beginning, I was reluctant to be in Dewan Merdeka... 

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