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COMMENT | Madani govt should explain what rights non-Muslims have
COMMENT | The case the quote above refers to is the one where two “reporters” spat out the holy communion after going undercover in a Roman Catholic church.

Former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, at the time, while declining to press charges, claimed that the act was one of sheer ignorance.

Non-Muslims are constantly told not to hurt the sensitivities of Muslims in this country.

And this is why non-Muslims cannot use certain words, cannot construct their places of worship in the manner they choose, cannot proselytise and lately cannot hold fellowship with Muslims in certain states because apparently, this would confuse their Muslim brethren.

Yet, we are told we live in a country of equals. We live in a country of equals where a young non-Muslim/Malay kid cannot dream of becoming the prime minister because this would spook the Malays...

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