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COMMENT | Instead of banning 'A' word, bar politicians from talking about it

COMMENT | An uneducated and compliant rakyat is easily manipulated and in the “Allah” word debate, you can be sure that the “Allah” argument will resurface just before an election.

It is highly probable that the “A” word debate is kept on the back burner and brought to the boil whenever convenient, to influence the voting patterns of the Malays in an election, or to control the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak.

Politicians from both sides of the political divide want to get involved as they are desperate to be seen as the saviour of Islam in Malaysia.

If only they would ask the rakyat for their views, because most of us are thoroughly fed up with the attention given to the “A” word.

We have so many pressing issues to discuss, but we keep returning to the “A” word. If its use is limited to only the Christians of East Malaysia, what about the thousands of Sarawakians and Sabahans who live and work in the peninsula? Are they not allowed to use Allah in their Sunday service?...

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