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COMMENT | Any ordinary Malaysian who isn’t filthy rich would have at least a loan or two in order to live their life. At the very least, a housing loan or hire purchase.

So when Bank Negara announced the increase in the overnight policy rate (OPR), it’s no wonder that everyone felt invested and passionate about how it was going to impact them.

Like it or not, our lives are all going to change by the decision, quite significantly in fact.

Since I started on loans, let’s use that as the first example. I have a housing loan and almost all of my friends have housing loans. That’s how it is if you want to own a home in Malaysia.

Personally, I don’t even know anyone in my immediate circle who has been able to buy a home with just pure cash. Any changes in the OPR will directly affect the monthly paybacks.

If the OPR increases, like it recently did, then...

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