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COMMENT | Anti-LGBT remarks by MPs show need for rights training
COMMENT | Justice for Sisters is deeply concerned over the recurring anti-LGBT statements made by MPs in Parliament.

During the tabling of the Suhakam report on June 12, at least FIVE anti-LGBT interventions were made as follows:

Learning from Russia, Machang MP (PN) proposed the introduction of a law to prohibit the promotion of purported sexual acts linked to LGBT people, for example, sex against the order of nature and paedophilia to protect children, family values, tradition and the country.

We must mention that paedophilia is a form of sexual violence, not sexual orientation. Linking LGBT people and paedophilia is an age-old stereotype that has been widely debunked, as sexual violence against children is committed by people across sexual orientations.

Sexual violence against anyone, including children, is the result of unequal power dynamics and a desire to overpower someone... 

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