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COMMENT | Just think about the many opportunities we have lost since the nation’s turning point in May 1969.

If only our politicians had possessed the maturity to reject divisive politics and race-based quotas, Malaysia could have been a different country altogether.

We could have been as good as, or even better than the red dot, Singapore. We have an abundance of natural wealth, unlike the island nation, but more importantly, our most valuable commodity is our human resources.

We could have become as integrated as the people of Sarawak today, because the country, could have prospered by making the most of its diverse community.

Prior to 1957, Malaya’s educational standard was one of the highest in Asia. Nowadays, our education has become ‘bog-standard’.

We have lost some of our best people to other nations. They were either poached by countries who saw the potential of these people, or the men and women left reluctantly because our leaders...

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