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“I actually want to tell the people of Selangor... the Chinese cannot stop this Malay tsunami. A so-called tsunami within the Malay community has been set off.”

- Perikatan Nasional candidate for Sekinchan Goh Gaik Meng

“The key to progress and a progressive Malaysia lies with the Malays, but until they alter their mindset and attitudes, nothing will change.”

– Malaysiakini columnist Mariam Mokhtar

COMMENT | The arguments put forward by Mariam Mokhtar and Goh Gaik Meng are essentially two sides of the same Malaysian coin. Both present the stark reality of the political landscape in Malaysia.

Mariam clearly states that a Malaysia other than a theocratic failed state is in the hands of the Malays. Goh acknowledges that the non-Malays have no power to stop whatever changes the majority community decides to inflict on Malaysia.

The Green Wave is merely the overt political consequence of decades of Islamisation in this country.

The Malay tsunami however is the political quagmire. Non-Malay political operatives have always been struggling with this since the heyday of BN when it enjoyed majority support from all communities.

For decades, the MCA were called running dogs and in those decades they created an economic and political environment for the Chinese community to break free from the shackles of BN. The same cannot be said of MIC...

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