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COMMENT | Boycott buffoonery: From chocolates to Israelis and Greek gods

COMMENT | The biggest threat to the Malays/Muslims in Malaysia is not from an outside source, be it the Israelis, the Jews, the Zionists, George Soros, the CIA, the Americans, or the communists. The threat is from within Malaysia. It originates from within the Malay community. I know, because I’m from one.

In most countries, calls for reform are done to seek a change towards moral/ethical policy practices, to improve employee welfare or to develop more environmentally friendly products; but, in Malaysia, it is the religion that drives reform or change.

The boycott is a very powerful tool for change, but will a boycott of food and beverage companies work in Malaysia, where its people are passionate about their food? Aren’t the real victims the workers whom these companies employ?...

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