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COMMENT | Sailing against current to make Israel ban work

COMMENT | On June 8, 2010, after a month of extensive investigations, Terence Fernandez and I dropped a bombshell of sorts that rightly, would expect reverberations from the government and politicians. But to use an over-used cliché, the silence was deafening.

When terms such as Zionists and pihak Yahudi (Jews) were (and still) used interchangeably to refer to Israel by political figures, they had little to say or were rather silenced by the revelations.

We wrote: “While the Israelis have attacked and blockaded a flotilla with Malaysians on board bringing aid for Palestinians, Malaysian ports have been receiving Israeli cargo vessels since 1998.

“The HS Chopin, one of the chartered Gold Star Lines’ vessels travels (regularly) to Malaysia under the Asia Mediteranean Europe service. The fleet belonging to Gold Star Lines, a subsidiary of Israel’s Zim Lines, has been calling at the nation’s ports, including Port Klang.”

Having found little traction with the powers that be at that time...

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