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COMMENT | Malaysians smell a rat over Pardons Board delay

COMMENT | The Pardons Board is paralysed with fear, hence their delay in making public the decision about convicted felon Najib Abdul Razak’s application for a royal pardon. If they thought that the delay would calm us down, they were mistaken.

Was the board stupid enough to grant Najib a full pardon? Did the Board members think that perhaps, we would have happily agreed to a reduced sentence for Najib, instead?

Any attempt to pardon Najib or commute his sentence is to show contempt for our Constitution and disrespect for the justice system and the rule of law. It is like slapping the community in the face.

The board cannot take us for fools. Najib is no ordinary convict but a megalomaniac who brought a nation to its knees with the help of his trusted aide, who remains at large.

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