COMMENT | For years there has been talk of a “third force” to radically change the nature of politics and government in Malaysia. 

The noble objectives included unity, opportunity and socio-economic growth while avoiding race, religious, and geographical divisions.

Although these principles have some general support, attempts to launch new parties have come and gone, leaving the status quo of having dominant race-based Peninsular Malaysia parties intact and unchallenged.

Malaysia is losing its competitive position in the region. The economy is not evolving in a way to structurally prepare for the future and the well-being of the rakyat is deteriorating.

These are undeniable truths which the great majority of Malaysians from all races and sides of the political divide are in agreement with.

The government needs to be run by people with a clear intent of being for the people and driven by a vision of a Malaysia that can evolve and cement an inclusive and cohesive nationhood that all citizens will be proud of.

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