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COMMENT | Put away the crown of thorns, embrace harmony

COMMENT | THE true meaning of Easter is not chocolates and lambs or bunnies and eggs. That is Easter as the world sees it - but still, such little gifts to celebrate an auspicious day are not out of place.

Today, the whole of Christendom wakes up to celebrate a new dawn of peace, brotherhood, and love for one another with a God resurrected from a dingy sepulchre - where death was defeated.

With death defeated, a moral victory over sin and transgressions against humanity rises on the eastern horizon as the new season of Eastertide comes to heal.

The time is now, for us to put away Good Friday’s “Crown of thorns” and embrace the new dawn of harmony as people of one nation, as Malaysians from varied ethnic groups and as one family cocooned snugly in the shades of multiculturalism.

This has been how our Malaysia has always been, so strikingly novel and celebrated with the colours of Déjà vu.

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