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COMMENT | Does it matter if Anwar gets a second term?

“Those who would renegotiate the boundaries between church and state must therefore answer a difficult question: Why would we trade a system that has served us so well for one that has served others so poorly?” - Sandra Day O’Connor

COMMENT | In my writings over the years, I have made it very clear that I view religious extremism as the existential threat to this country. Issues of corruption closely linked to corporate malfeasances are subordinate to the danger of the theocratic state project.

Yes, they are not mutually exclusive but a country can recover from a kleptocracy, it cannot recover from a theocracy.

From the extremely malevolent citizenship amendments to the way how this regime has been warning journalists and citizens to report the “truth” or face sanctions from the state, this regime is attempting to scare the non-Malays that the people in power now are a better option than the people wanting to claim power, all the while signalling to the Malay-majority electorate that there is very little sunlight between the policies of this unity government and PN.

Funnily enough, this is not a “Malay” problem. The popular Malay vote is not with this government, hence the fall of this government is not something the majority of Malays are fearful of.

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