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COMMENT | Just give every less fortunate, deserving Indian child scholarship

COMMENT | Here is the thing. When we are talking about the Indian community, we are talking about a specific section of the Indian community.

Really, I have no interest in the petit bourgeoisie or bourgeois class of the Indian community and their so-called issues which are intimately linked with the compromises they have made with mainstream political parties.

You want to know how to help the Indian community, dear leader? Well, how about giving every academically deserving underprivileged Indian child an educational opportunity?

All these cash programmes the prime minister mentioned in his recent speech at the BR Ambedkar International Convention and Ambedkar’s 133rd birth anniversary celebration are the kind of cash handouts that have not worked for decades and indeed only encourage the kind of bureaucratic malfeasance and feudalism that further injure the Indian community.

The only poverty alleviation programmes that have worked are those that ensure that young underprivileged children get an education and that they have proper school facilities and a stable home environment.

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