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COMMENT | Well, they are off. In the first by-election since the 2023 state elections at the state level and the seventh by-election/nullified result by electoral petition since the 15th general election in 2022, four candidates will compete to win a coveted seat in the Selangor state assembly.

Kuala Kubu Baharu is a hot seat. It was so in August 2023 when I chose the seat to be part of my “Kerusi Panas” podcast series, episode 4. Do listen to the episode for background on the constituency. (Please note a small correction on the death of Henry Gurney, 1951 not 1955.)

Among the points I made in that episode is that KKB is increasingly becoming less isolated from national trends, even as its development trajectory is not in line with national growth.

Also, small vote swings in support and turnout can...

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