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COMMENT | Malaysia’s press freedom ranking drops, now what?
COMMENT | I thought about writing about the whole Type C and the Darsa Fried Chicken debacle, but I think Malaysia had enough stories and narratives about racist boycotts.

I bet that if we just ignore it, this particular non-issue will just blow over (like how so many of the past insignificant stories should have). So, I guess it’s going to be about how the country’s World Press Freedom rank has slid from 73 to 107 this year as indexed by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

The report that accompanied the ranking stated that “news sites critical of the government are often blocked in Malaysia”.

We attained a score of 52.07 across several indicators - political (44.35), economic (45.63), legislative (34.04), social (52.62) and security (83.72).

Malaysia is in the company of countries like...

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