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COMMENT | KKB polls – Anwar can claim bragging rights

“We get the world we deserve.”

– Ray Velcro (True Detective Season 2)

COMMENT | A win is a win even more so in politics, where the winners can use the opportunity gained to further shape the political landscape into what they want it to be.

Despite what all the naysayers said, the people of Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB), especially the non-Malay vote, went to the Anwar Ibrahim regime, just another indication that non-Malays are Anwar’s vote bank.

Working with Umno means holding your tongue. Much like MCA was accused of doing, while DAP supporters want action from their representatives, even if it means barking very loudly.

And we know how DAP can make compromises when it feels it needs to.

For decades, the running dog narrative was used against the MCA until the realisation of working with Malay power structures hit home when DAP realised that Malay expectations when it came to power-sharing trumped the Bangsa Malaysia kool-aid it was peddling to the base.

Anwar gets to...

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