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When the lawyers walked in Putrajaya, I'd wondered if police would baton charge them, like it did the public who last protested at KLCC over the fuel price hike. On balance, I thought not. If the black coats had been manhandled, they'd have been more than happy to sue, I reckon.

Umno veteran Shahrir Abdul Samad hopes the march will not spread to other things. I have a diametrical view and wish the show of disapprobation would spread further. That's why the Walk for Justice was a gloaming (that faint light seen before sunrise).

To have had cautious Chinese even participate in last Wednesday's walk is already a positive development. The Malaysian-Chinese ethos is best characterised by their catechism "Don't get involved" it's what parents teach children and wives preach to husbands who show even a sliver of political activism.

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