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Bolehland is replete with superlatives, such as the world’s (once) tallest towers, biggest ketupat, sleepiest premier, prettiest ‘space flight participant’ and busiest bodysnatchers.

Last Thursday, The Star chronicled yet another self-professed claim in our Wonders of the World list. The self-proclaimed ‘People’s Paper’ quoted Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak as saying "Malaysia’s inflation rate is the lowest in the world and this mirrors the government’s efforts in keeping the prices of essential goods low".

The government has kept inflation at 2.4%, Najib claims, and we can presume he declared this world-impressing ‘fact’ with a straight face. But what do we make of Malaysia’s most profitable newspaper publishing his assertion without even batting an eyelid?

Now where in the world did Najib pluck his reference from? Apparently, no single mainstream media (MSM) reporter thought to ask him.

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